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Thank you for your interest in joining our company. We are committed to maintaining extremely high standards for our captains. We pay above average day rates so that our customers have the absolute best captains aboard. Our growing business and system of working in teams puts us in need of additional captains. We encourage you to submit your resume’ if you feel you qualify to join our elite team of dedicated captains. All captains are independent contractors working under contract on an “as needed” basis.

The minimum acceptable standards are;
• non-smoker
• zero tolerance for DUI, alcohol abuse, or drug history
• hold a valid US Passport
• First Captain: hold a valid UPV – Coastal License or higher
• Head Captain: hold a 100 Ton Near Coastal Master License or higher

Positions Available:

First Captain – All starting captains begin at this level without regard to sea time or experience. You are assigned to a mentor Head Captain responsible for your training and indoctrination. You are promoted to a Head Captain when your mentor and the company determine you have the necessary training, hands-on experience, and credentials to move up. Pay is; day rate plus one share of bonus.

Head Captain –  We only hire and promote Head Captains from within our ranks. You have proven yourself as a professional mariner and have exhibited your leadership ability. You hold a valid 100-Ton Master license. You have good communication skills – both customers and other captains respond well to you. Along with added responsibilities, you are paid your day rate, plus receive a double share of the bonus.

Please submit your resume to:

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